I would like to be: Lost and Found in Paris

A Novel

by Lian Dolan

#LostandFoundinParis #NetGalley

I very much enjoyed this novel and recommend it to those who are looking for a story with a protagonist whom they will enjoy getting to know and, even better, Paris! Some background: Joan is the daughter of an artist and model. She has had a bit of difficulty finding her way but is working in a museum that features some of her father’s work. He was in a plane on 9/11 which, of course, drastically altered life for the family. As if that were not enough, Joan’s husband has kept a secret that has destroyed their marriage. Would you do what Joan does? She goes to Paris (!) to visit an old friend and to deliver some art work to a potential customer. Something goes very wrong though. What will Joan do and what will happen to her? Who was that mysterious man with whom she spent time? Will traveling to Paris help Joan to find what she is looking for, both literally and emotionally? Turn the pages of this one to find out.

An added bonus is that Ms. Dolan knows her art. I enjoyed reading about museums and the real life artists mentioned in the novel.

This was an engaging read. I was always hoping for a few more minutes of time to catch up with Joan. I wanted to travel along with her as she visited well-known Paris locations and grew.

Many thanks to NetGalley and William Morrow for this title. All opinions are mine. This book is published today!

Editorial Reviews


“Dolan spins a story that is both heavy and light, spanning continents and exploring relationships. With a hint of Dan Brown and a splash of Jamie Brenner, this book will appeal to a variety of readers, especially those who enjoy character-driven fiction.” — Booklist

“Dolan’s clever latest…does a fantastic job depicting Joan’s love for her father and heartache over his death. This has a bit more substance than the standard Parisian romp.” — Publishers Weekly

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