Life can be: A Family Affair

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Robyn Carr is the author of several series of novels including The Grace Valley Trilogy, the Virgin River books and the Thunder Point stories. She has also written a number of standalone titles of which this is one.

This is a story about family and the ways in which people react, cope and look for happiness in their relationships. Some of the characters whom readers get to know include:

Anna-She has been recently widowed after her husband went on a dangerous white water rafting trip. What was he tring to prove? Anna, herself, was raised by a single mother and has worked hard since going back to law school. She wants and needs financial security and the knowledge that she can care for herself.. Annar is a judge who, as a lawyer, specialized in cases involving women and domestic violence.

Chad-Anna met him when she literally rescued him. He worked as a counselor but had his own issues (as counselors often do.)

Together, Anne and Chad had three children. Each of them is coping with their father’s death. Jessie is a doctor who pushes too much in her relationships; Mike is a teacher who has trouble committing and Bess, who has Asperger’s, sees life in her own unique way.

Add to this core family, Chad’s best friend Joe. He is a support to Anna but hopes for more. There is also a mysterious young, pregnant woman who appears at Chad’s funeral.

This novel tells the story of each of these people as they cope with loss and growth. Those who enjoy stories with characters about whom they will care and those who enjoy women’s fiction may want to pick up this title.

See my archive for the blog tour on this title.

Many thanks to Harlequin Trade Publishing-Mira for this title. All opinions are my own.

Pub date: 05 April 2022

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