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Death at Greenway is a traditional, historical mystery set during WWII. It takes place at a home of Agatha Christie’s, although the renowned author is only briefly seen in these pages. Nonetheless, her home has been opened to children who have left London (without their families) in order to be kept safe during the conflict.

Protagonist Bridget was working as a trainee nurse, a position that she loved, until something went disastrously wrong. Now, early in the novel, she is making believe that she is a fully trained nurse and is in charge of ten evacuees. Along with her, other adults included the not so hard working Gigi, and Mrs. Arbuthnot, a do-gooder, who directs others, including Bridget.

As everyone settles in, of course, a murder takes place. From this point on there is a case to be solved. Bridget is part of the investigation. What is in her past? In Gigi’s? How will the victim’s killer be brought to justice.?

I initially found this book to be a bit slow moving. I think, though, that it will be enjoyed by those who love traditional mysteries. It has received such good reviews overall.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

The Paris Bookseller is historical fiction about Sylvia Beach, those around her and her iconic bookstore, Shakespeare and Company. This is the story of a part of Sylvia’s life; it moves from when she began living in Paris and on into the 1930s. An author’s note at the end of the novel, gives information about Sylvia’s long life and what happened to her following the events of this story.

Readers learn early on that Sylvia was in a significant relationship with Adrienne. The author portrays great historical acceptance for gay relationships at that time. Adrienne, who owned a bookstore, encouraged Sylvia to open her own shop, one that was to feature books for English speakers. The two had a strong attraction to one another and lived together during the events described in the story.

Sylvia’s store becomes very popular with a number of ex pats, including Hemingway and Henry Miller. However, the author with whom Sylvia was most closely associated was James Joyce. She was instrumental in the initial publication of Ulysses. The struggle around getting the book written and published make up much of the novel.

The characters in the story are real people who are brought to imaginative life. I was especially struck by the way in which Joyce was portrayed. True, he was an iconic author but he was also a difficult, narcissistic and needy man in these pages.

Author, Kerri Maher, does a good job of depicting a place, the people who dwelt there and the importance of books. I also enjoyed the way in which daily life, food and more came into the novel.

Those who enjoy historical fiction are likely to want to read this novel. I rate it at four stars.

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