I so enjoy: The Minotaur Sampler, Volume 6

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Regular readers of my posts know that I am very fond of samplers. What better way is there to find some new reads? This title is no exception. Inside are generous samples of four books as can be seen from the cover. I am quite sure that I want to read at least two of these. I am intrigued by the story of The Lindbergh’s nanny and I am already a fan of Ausma Zehanat Khan. I think that the other two novels featured here are also work a look. See for yourself and add to your TBR pile.

Many thanks to NetGalley-St. Martin’s Press-Minotaur for this title. All opinions are my own.

Pub Date 28 Jun 2022

A Deadly Divide by Khan: This is from an earlier series by this author.

This is the first novel that I have read by Ms. Khan, although it is not her first novel. I plan to read this entire series of mysteries featuring Esa and Rachel, along with the significant people in their lives.

This novel is a mystery but more than that. It has an important story to tell that resonates in the current climate of being less than welcoming to immigrants. The story takes place in a small Quebec community where the Muslim population is mistrusted by many. An attack occurs at a mosque and deaths result. Who is at fault? What has led to such deep feelings of unease on everyone’s part? Is the situation hopeless?

In A Deadly Divide there are members of the Wolf Gang, a white supremacist group, the Lilies, a group of girls, whose role in all that goes on seems ambiguous, the local priest, a reporter, the police force and a government spokesperson, among others. All are well described and become real and distinctive.

Along with the mystery and the politics, this novel is very much about the relationships of the characters with one another. This felt true to life as human feelings and emotions do not go away, even in the light of crises and volatile political situations.

I recommend this novel. It will make you think about the positions that you hold while also enjoying a well told story. Fans of author Suzanne Chazin’s series will want to read this. Both series look at the role of immigration in our world view while also depicting complex mysteries.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this e-galley. The opinions are my own.

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