A crime solving bouquet: The Three Dahlias by Katy Watson

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The Three Dahlias is a traditional mystery that is reminiscent of titles published during mystery’s “Golden Age.” It will be enjoyed by those who like to sink into a long (373 page) crime novel that is not overly violent.

The Dahlias of the title are actresses who starred in, or about to star in, TV or movies that feature Dahlia Lively, a sleuth. Each starred at a certain point in time; Rosalind was first, followed by Caro and, now, Posy who is the latest Dahlia. Each of these actresses has a backstory that impacts the plot. They are a bit competitive with one another but join forces to solve the case that is at the center of the novel.

The Dahlias are attending a super fan convention as the story opens. There are many people on the grounds of the famous author’s home, so loads of suspects. These include family members, those involved with the new film, and the super fans.

No spoiler to say that there is a murder. With their three brains and styles coming to the fore, the Dahlias are on the case. Relax and follow along as they solve it.

I enjoyed this title’s setting and characters. It was a bit slow moving at times though. Still, that was kind of soothing, just following along at a leisurely pace.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Hachette Book Group for this title. All opinions are my own.

Pub date: 21 July 2022

Praise for The Three Dahlias

‘An absolute treat of a read with all the ingredients of a vintage murder mystery: a country house, mysterious dead bodies and three actresses all keen to catch the killer. Perfect weekend reading!’ Janice Hallett, author of The Appeal

‘A wonderful celebration of Golden Age crime. . . a read you can sink into, just like the perfect country house weekend. You will definitely love Dahlia in all her guises by the end’ S.J. Bennett, author of The Windsor Knot

‘I loved it – witty, engaging and hugely enjoyable. A must for fans of classic mysteries’ Frances Brody

‘An affectionate homage to the Golden Age of Detective Fiction and a wry nod to our continuing fascination with it. Great fun. Warm, ingenious and. . . lively!’ L C Tyler

‘A sprightly offering. . . a pleasant summer read’ The Critic

NOTE: The current price for the digital book is just $7.99 for those who may want to pre-order.

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