For fans old and new: The Tower Treasure

The Hardy Boys Book 1

by Franklin W. Dixon

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The Tower Treasure introduces the intrepid brothers Frank and Joe Hardy. Over the course of more than fifty children’s books, they worked with their father, Fenton to solve cases in and around Bayport.

Kids have eaten these stories up from the beginning and have continued to in their various updates. I know that I did as a child. While I was the possessor of many Nancy Drew mysteries, I also read every Hardy Boys mystery that my parents bought for my brother. Yes, there was a sameness to each of the books in these series but that was part of what I loved about them.

Readers may (or may not) know that there was no Mr. Dixon. Rather the Stratemeyer Syndicate farmed out the authorial duties. This syndicate was effective in gettting new titles out on a regular basis. There is a novel, Escaping Dreamland, by Charlie Lovett that references this time in publishing.

This title is a reissue of the original and was first published in 1927. For that reason, the publisher notes that “…the text contains racial and cultural references of the era in which it was written and may be deemed offensive by today’s standards.” This raises some issues about the book’s publication now. Clearly adults might want to have a conversation with a young reader before handing them this edition. Adults, for their part, may be surprised at how much certain things that may have passed them by as children, now stand out. So, as with all books, a decision about reading this book belongs to the potential reader.

That having been said, what this series did so well was to make readers out of many children. The repetition of characters, places and more was reassuring. There was always lots of adventure as is true here with an exciting opening chapter featuring a speeding car chasing Joe and Frank. All chapters end with cliffhangers that encourage kids to keep going.

I was eager to meet up with the Hardy Boys again and turned the pages while watching them try to find the treasure of the title. I wanted to see if I would still feel the magic as I raced through. In many ways I did.

So, dear readers, post on my blog to let me know what you think. Did you read the original or later versions? What do you think about this reissue. I do say many thanks to NetGalley and Dover Publications for this title. All opinions are my own.

Pub Date 15 Jun 2022 |
Dover Publications
PRICE$8.99 (USD)

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