The Bodyguard by Katherine Center is out!

Every time that I am given a chance to spend time with Katherine Center, I find myself eager to immerse myself in her fictional world. I know that she will tell a good (if slightly predictable) story and that I will forget about the real world for a bit, something that I welcome these days.

This time readers learn something about what it is like to be a bodyguard. For example, it is in the training and a person does not have to be BIG to be able to do the job. That is why Hannah has been good at her job.

As the novel opens, bodyguard Hannah is having a hard time. Her boyfriend Robbie has broken up with her and is dating Hannah’s close friend. To make things worse and sadder, Hannah’s mother has died. She was not an easy woman but this is still life changing. Usually Hannah uses work to escape, the farther away the better. However, this time her boss is not letting that happen.

Instead, and under protest, Hannah is hired to look after a heart throb movie star, Jack Stapleton who is in Texas which is where Hannah is based. Hannah will pose as Jack’s girlfriend feeling dubious about this as she is no glamour queen. Despite not wanting the position, Hannah will do her best.

From here, readers spend time with Jack as he faces a family issue. How will being the bodyguard for Jack go? Will there be mutuality in Jack and Hannah’s relationship, despite Hannah’s always wanting to be professional? Turn the pages to find out.

Readers may feel that they know what will happen and that’s okay. The fun is in watching the plot unfold and just enjoying it.

I got to do my favorite thing with this title, toggling between the book and the audio. This works so well for me. The narration was clear and easy to follow.

Whichever way, you like your Katherine Center novels or, if you are just discovering this author, give this title a look. It is a good book for those looking for a break.

Many thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press and Macmillan Audio for this title. All opinions are my own.


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The Bodyguard Katherine Center
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