A blog tour for Bit Flip

Thanks to Tabitha Bailey and Spark Press for providing me with information on this new novel.

About the book: 

 This intriguing and fast-paced novel takes a look into the nature of Silicon Valley professionals, the obsession with success and current state of the tech industry. From the perspective of Mike Trigg, a veteran of the industry, the novel serves as a great read for those well-educated on the topic and those who are interested in finding out more. 

Forty something Sam Hughes is at a crossroads disillusioned 

professionally, stretched financially, strained in family life. As he teeters toward midlife crisis, a return to his midwestern roots and fortunate mishap give his start-up career one more chance but also forces him to choose between massive entrepreneurial success and his morals, friends, and family.

Just as he’s wondering if his start-up career and marriage might both be over, an inadvertent discovery pulls Sam back into his former company, where he begins to unravel the insidious schemes of the founder and venture investors that led to his ouster. Driven by his desire for redemption, he discovers a conspiracy of fraud, blackmail, and manipulation that leads to tragic outcomes threatening to destroy not only the company but Sam’s moral compass as well. Entangled in a web of complicity, how far will he go to achieve his dreams of entrepreneurial success and personal wealth?

The author:

Mike Trigg was born in Kentucky and raised in Wisconsin. He earned a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA from University of California, Berkeley. Over his twenty-five-year career in Silicon Valley, he has been a founder, executive, and investor in dozens of venture-funded technology start-ups, as well as a contributor to TechCrunchEntrepreneur, and Fast Company. He lives in Menlo Park, California, with his wife and two sons. Bit Flip is his first novel

An excerpt:

Sam rationalizing his actions to Heather, his wife (p. 273)  

“I thought you’d be excited. This is what we always wanted.” 

“This is what you always wanted! I just wanted a normal marriage, a normal family. Crazy money was never my dream—especially not this way.” 

“What do you mean ‘this way’? It’s not like I broke the law or something.” 

“Sam . . .” Heather paused, her agape mouth expressing the sentiment that seemed so self-evident it didn’t need stating. “You’re covering up misstated revenue, fake customer accounts, and a sexual assault by one of your board members. I’m not a corporate attorney, but that seems pretty much like breaking the law. You can’t lie to get the company sold. That’s not you.” 

“Or maybe this is just what it takes to make it,” Sam said. “Maybe I’ve just been the nice guy too long—grinding away, working my ass off my whole career, trying to do things the ‘right way,’ whatever the hell that means, and not even realizing it’s the guys who lie and cheat and manipulate who make it. I’m forty-five! I don’t have that many more shots on goal. I’ve got to get this win.” 


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