All about: Skirts

Fashioning Modern Femininity in the Twentieth Century

by Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

It is a truism often stated that “Clothes make the man.” Well, the same can be said of women as this interesting social history clearly shows. Its author is a good guide as readers discover from the start of the book.

In her introduction, the author shares her thoughts, feelings, wardrobe choices and professional experiences. Next are chapters on many iconic dresses. These include, for example, the little black dress, the tennis dress and the strapless dress, among the well-known ones. There are also garments with which I was unfamiliar as in the bar suit and the Delphos.

Each chapter is packed with facts. Readers learn about the history of the featured garment, its construction and some of the famous names who wore it. My only quibble is that I wish there had been illustrations in each chapter. Note though that I read an advanced copy of this title and the final version may well be filled with photos.

The end of this title includes notes and a helpful bibliography for those who want to explore further. Anyone interested in fashion history may well enjoy this title.

Many thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for this title. All opinions are my own.

Pub date: 06 September 2022

Editorial Reviews


“An entertaining and insightful look at the evolution of the skirt across the 20th century… Exquisitely detailed and evocatively written, this stylish history casts an underappreciated garment in a rewarding new light.” –Publishers Weekly

“A love letter to the many-faceted qualities of the skirt and a fascinating look at how the skirt has changed – from who is wearing it to how it reflects the times we live in.” –Alexandra Shulman, former editor-in-chief of British Vogue and bestselling author of Clothes and Other Things That Matter

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