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Baby Sign Language

A Fun and Simple Guide to Early Communication

by Mary Smith

I recently met someone who had taught a baby sign language. It seemed like an effective communication method for this very happy one.

Want to give it a try or give this book to a new parent? Inside its pages is an excellent guide to this early communication system that helps kids to communicate before they can speak. Included are sections on signs for mealtime daytime, playtime, family, feelings, the outdoors and more.

The book begins with a most helpful first chapter. It offers guidance on when to start signing and things to consider before beginning. There is also the rationale for using signs with young ones.

This book is amply illustrated with children signing the words. There are additional illustrations to help when learning.

Take a look at this one. I wish that there had been more known about signing when my kids where young. It doesn’t replace speaking to babies but offers such a helpful adjunct.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group for this title. All opinions are my own.

From the Publisher

Start signing with your baby today! This comprehensive book makes signing easy with photos of real kids using 100+ signs, plus expert advice on teaching your baby to communicate early.

Photos of Real Kids SigningA child using sign language.Songs and GamesLearn More with the Video Dictionary
Photos of Real Kids Signing Learn signs correctly with full-color photos of kids signing, instead of simple illustrations. Each sign has multiple photos to show movement and closeup photos of hands, so you’re able to see the signs as clearly as possible.Expert Tips on Teaching Each Sign Every sign also includes proven strategies for teaching babies to communicate early. You’re not only learning the signs for yourself–you’re learning how to help your baby tell you their needs.Songs and Games Teaching your baby is all about having fun and bonding together. Use the songs and games in the book to bring the joy of learning into your home, and get some cute giggles from your baby, too!Learn More with the Video Dictionary Use the book’s companion Video Dictionary to troubleshoot any difficult signs and practice with guidance from the author.

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