Would you want to live in: Blackwater Falls by Ausma Zehanat Khan

This has to be one of the best mystery/thrillers that I have read this year. Khan does an excellent job of telling a compelling story without shying away from the politics and misunderstandings that seem to be rife these days.

Blackwater Falls is located outside of Denver. Inaya Rahman, a practicing Muslim, is a detective there. She, Lieutenant Waqas Seif, and Catalina Hernandez, all of the Community Response Unit, are faced with a horrific case when a young Muslim woman is found in front of a mosque (I will leave it to readers to find out what was done to her). This leaves a family grieving in a community that has a white supremacists population (among others),and a sheriff who seems to be corrupt. This victim is not the only one as readers learn in this suspenseful read. There is a lot to be sorted before there is any justice.

Khan tells a compelling story. Around this, I loved the insights into the lives of the main characters, especially Inaya. Her mother wants her to marry (she is 29), while her father understands her drive for a career.

Inaya is good at what she does and is principled and courageous. She works with her team (though she has some doubts about her lieutenant) and an outside activist, Areesha Adams to solve the case.

The town of Blackwater Falls comes to life in these pages. There are homes, communities, places of worship and work that are all well depicted.

Readers will care about this story, its events and its characters. Highly recommended!

Publishers Weekly gives this one a star and calls it “stunning.” PW also states, “At once suspenseful, moving, and thought-provoking, this is not to be missed.”I agree.

I earlier read and reviewed A Deadly Divide, a book that was also terrific.

A troubled community and a good mystery: A Deadly Divide by Khan

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