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Other e book bargains

Such an interesting woman: The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post

Josie Silver has a knack for writing contemporary women’s fiction that has both humor and heart. In this novel, those talents are showcased once again.

Ms. Silver sets up her story nicely. Both Cleo and Mack come on a visit to a very small island that has few tourist accommodations. Through an error, each is booked into the very same one room cottage. Neither wants to be the one to compromise or leave and, even if one would, the boats come to the island only weekly. Even worse, someone thought it was a honeymoon that was the reason for the booking. How will these characters work things out? What will evolve in their relationship?

So, the people:

Cleo is about to turn thirty. She is a dating columnist whose love life has not gone to plan. Her editor sends her to the island to make a commitment to herself in a ceremony similar to a marriage. (very Gwyneth Paltrow seeming). Cleo, over the course of the novel, will begin to sort out her future as will Mack.

Mack thinks that he was given the cabin to visit by a relative. He is a photographer who is separated from his wife but not by his choice. Mack has two sons whom he dearly loves. He is looking for some peace and a chance to think about what comes next He has traveled all the way from Boston to do this.

These characters are surrounded by other islanders. They are also in a beautiful locale.

One thing that I liked in the book was the author having each character tell the other three important things most days. Not a bad idea for any couple. There was also some humor and ingenuity around sharing the cabin.

Overall, I liked this novel. It did feel just a bit slow to me at times, however.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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