On Anne Perry and her novels

Anne Perry has been writing historical mysteries for many years. She began with a series featuring Charlotte and Thomas Pitt. The first in this series was called The Cater Street Hangman. I still remember how completely engrossed I was in that one.

Thomas Pitt worked in the police when the series began while Charlotte was from a class higher than his. Nonetheless, they married, had a family and each contributed to the solving of the cases. Over the course of the books, readers met members of Charlotte’s family with, for example, her great aunt Vespasia, her sister, and mother each featuring in titles. Readers also watched as Charlotte and Thomas’s two children grew up. Readers also get to know the Pitts domestic servant Gracie and those with whom Pitt works.

All in all, thirty two books were written in the series. This one later spun off into the Daniel Pitt books. Daniel, Charlotte and Thomas’s son, grew up to work in the legal profession. His first book was called Twenty-One Days. In this series, readers get to know those who also work with Daniel in his chambers. He becomes especially close to the independent Miriam. The sixth title in this series will be published in April 2023.

Another series that Anne Perry has written features William Monk. An intriguing fact about him when the series opened is that he had lost his memory. The first book with William was called The Face of a Stranger. Associates of William’s included a nurse from the Crimean War named Hester and a lawyer named Oliver Rathbone. There are twenty-four titles in this series.

Both of these series contributed characters to Perry’s Christmas novellas. She has now published about twenty of these titles.

Perry also wrote a series of four books set before and during WWI. That series begins with No Graves as yet.

More recently, there has been the Elena Standish series set around WWII. First in this was Death in Focus and the most recent book is A Truth to Lie For.

I have liked some titles better than others but have spent many happy hours reading with Anne Perry. I would be hard pressed to choose my favorite of the series. Perry creates good settings, character and plots. Fans of historical mysteries are in for a treat with her. Where will you start.

Thanks to Deanne01 who motivated me to write this post.

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  1. Thank you for this post, Joyce. I’ll take a look at my library and see what I want to start with, I am excited to get started
    I was happy to read the back story of the characters and see how the series started. Thank you for this post.

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