So true: So Shall You Reap by Donna Leon

It is hard to believe that this is the 32nd book about Guido Brunetti. Donna Leon s going strong in her 80s. Personally, I would like this series to continue forever.

Leon has created one of the most human, humane and likeable of detectives. I admire Brunetti for the man that he is; he is an honest Commissario, and a good husband, father, coworker and friend.

Regular readers of the series will enjoy watching Guido troll through his bookshelves. What to keep in the space that he shares with Paola? Books also feature into the plot when a Sri Lankan man is murdered. He had an eclectic collection including titles on Italy’s political unrest in the 80s.

Regular readers will also enjoy finding out something new about Alvise, one of the police officers. Leon shows here that she can grow her characters. I very much enjoyed getting to know Alvise better.

And, for regulars, there is the mouthwatering food. Readers have shared many a good meal with Brunetti, Paola and their two children.

One last thing for the series aficionados…it takes a while for Elettra to be present. What conference has she gone to? Will she come back and do what she always does best?

Those who have never read a novel by this author are in for a treat. Just think of the backlist! Know that it is possible to read this novel as a standalone.

What led to the murder? How does this connect with a palazzo where someone Guido knew years ago lives? Will justice be served?

I highly recommend this book and series. Bravo, Donna Leon.

Publishers Weekly notes, “As usual, the rich backdrop of Venice complements the well-designed plot. Leon shows no signs of losing steam.” So true!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Atlantic Books for this title. All opinions are my own.

This title was published in March 2023.

From the Publisher

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