Now out: Life in Five Senses

Gretchen Rubin has written what, I am sure, will be a best seller and a book welcomed by her many fans. This time, she focuses on learning to appreciate life through the senses, recognizing all that they do for us, NOTICING them, and using this awareness to have a more meaningful and fulfilled existence.

One aspect of the book that I enjoyed was Ms. Rubin’s sharing of personal anecdotes. Her personality, organized yet open, inquiring yet functioning best with routine come across most clearly through these.

Each sense is carefully explored through a variety of lenses. The author begins with sight. There is scientific information and much about the ways in which Ms. Rubin literally began to see and notice more. Two examples; Ms. Rubin began a collection of objects in one color family and, for another, she began going to the Metropolitan Museum daily in an effort to really LOOK at what what was there. I found that I paid more attention in my life as a result, just noticing the hues of my world a bit more and slowing down to enjoy them. The same is true as each sense is examined and readers are invited in.

This book will be a welcome guide to its intended audience. Ms. Rubin has done it again.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Crown Publishing for this title. All opinions are my own.

From the Publisher

Glennon Doyle says “woven with research, practice, and a compelling story”
Susan Cain says “An inspiring and practical guide”Lori Gottlieb says “A delightful treat”A.J. Jacobs says “I’ve been noticing more, savoring more”
The more we know. The more we notice.

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