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Secret Gardens, Hidden Places, and Stories of the City of Light

by Mary McAuliffe

The cover of this book will, I think, draw in those who love Paris right away. Inside are a map, photos and many suggestions for places to visit in this over 2,000 year old city.

McAuliffe begins by sharing the history of Paris from its earliest days. Don’t skip this to move to ideas of places to visit as there is much to learn in this section of the book. The author goes on to share her knowledge of the city and offers many good suggestions of places to go.

This title is much more detailed than the average guide book. Those looking for a deep dive into the City of Light and those who want to see less well known venues will find much to admire here. Those who hope to travel to Paris should begin reading this title well in advance. It will enhance their time away.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Rowan & Littlefield for this title. All opinions are my own.

Editorial Reviews


There’s a clear passion for Paris in these pages. Prolific Paris historian and author McAuliffe presents the well-researched history, celebrities, and anecdotes from each of the City of Light’s main neighborhoods, from the very touristy Montmartre and Latin Quarter to the not-as-well known Montparnasse and Grand Croisée. Countless facts astound. The Louvre was built as a fortress against the King of England. Two windmills exist within the city limits. Le Corbusier designed a University of Paris building. And along with the storied Seine, a second river (the hidden Bievre) flows through Paris. There are also entrancing stories of Man Ray’s affair with his muse, Kiki; the famous people buried in Père Lachaise cemetery; and the formation of the Eiffel Tower. ― Booklist

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