Now out: Return to Virgin River by Robyn Carr

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Robyn Carr wrote her first Virgin River novel back in 2007. Many books followed before Ms. Carr moved to other series including Thunder Point and Sullivan’s Crossings. Perhaps the author was inspired to return to Virgin Riven because of the TV series that is now on Netflix. Whatever the motivation, long term readers of the Virgin River novels will undoubtedly be happy to return. They know that they can count on good people, a nice community and a love story.

This novel is about Kaylee and Landry. Kaylee is an author of suspense novels who is experiencing writer’s block following the death of her mother. Through family friends, she chooses to travel to Virgin River in the hope that she will finish her novel. No spoiler to say that she does and even that she moves into a new genre, that she falls in love and that some unexpected things happen to her. That is the Virgin River formula.

Kaylee’s romantic foil is Landry, an artist and dog trainer. He helps Kaylee to overcome her fear of dogs and to move forward even as she recognizes that she will always miss her mom.

The relationship that Kaylee had with her mom is lovingly described and maybe even idealized a bit. I suspect that many readers will wish for the same closeness, acceptance and encouragement that Kaylee’s mom gave her.

There are other characters in Kaylee’s orbit but readers will perhaps most enjoy that the names of all the characters from the earlier novels are called out here. While many make an appearance, it is Jack and Mel who are most featured.

As an extra treat, the story is seasonal. Readers will enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas in this most perfect of towns. I especially enjoyed the description of the tree lighting.

This is a sweet novel. I don’t know if Robyn Carr will write about Virgin River again. Regardless, this novel is a gift to her fans.

An additional bonus in the novel is a section describing the making of the TV series and Ms. Carr’s visit to the set. There is also a long excerpt from one of her other novels.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

Would you like to visit? japan



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Until we can travel in real time, armchair travel is an escape. Anyone who has ever thought of visiting Japan will, I think, enjoy this title. The photographs are gorgeous, the book is well organized and it includes a good amount of detail. The author/photographer knows Japan well and is an excellent guide. I enjoyed the escape that the stunning photos provided.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this beautiful title. All opinions are my own.

Recently published:

The Adventures of Rembrandt the Tuxedo Cat

Helps Callie, the Calico Cat, Find Her Meow

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Remy, a tuxedo cat, befriends a Calico cat whom he names Callie. The two enjoy playing together with Remy taking the lead. While Remy purrs all of his communications (com-mew-nications?) , Callie never purrs. She speaks expressively, for example nodding.

The rest of this picture book is about looking for Callie’s voice. Will she find it? If yes, what will lead to her purring?

This book gives kids a couple of messages. One is that friends don’t have to have the same abilities to enjoy each other’s company. Another is that it is okay to do things in one’s own time.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

Now out:


The Dutch Art of Doing Nothing

by Annette Lavrijsen

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This book is another in the mode of those on hygge and others that suggest ways to live better and less frantically. This one appealed to me from the moment I saw the first beautiful and relaxing illustrations inside. It offers the Dutch view on the importance of life style and doing nothing.

Niksen is a terms that is about the power of the pause. Such balance with time away from stress is surely something to be wished for. This book offers readers ways to achieve a state of greater calm.

I know that with Covid it can feel at times that we are doing nothing but that is not the case. Many feel stressed even as they feel less productive. This book will help readers to reset and better make their way through each day.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

Looking for advice? My Therapist Says

Advice You Should Probably (Not) Follow

by My Therapist Says

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Some readers will know that My Therapist Says is not only the title of this book but, in addition, something that can be followed on Instagram. Readers should know that this is a somewhat tongue in cheek title and not straight advice. Once readers know that, they may find it to be an enjoyable read.

The book is divided into a number of sections. A few of these include Am I a CEO yet?; You Can’t Leave, You’re My Only Friend; and Mom! The Meatloaf!.

This title should appeal to those who enjoy My Therapist Says on Instagram. It was not really for me though.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

Find out: What Can You Do With a Color?

by Gülşah Yemen, illustrations : Çağrı Odabaşı

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This engagingly illustrated title provides a nice opportunity for the youngest children to learn about colors. They will learn about primary colors (red, yellow, blue), secondary colors (green, orange, purple) and colors that mix the two (turquoise, magenta, amber).

This book can be used as a picture book to teach colors. I think that it would also be great for the kids who read this book to have watercolors or finger paints so that they can experiment with creating colors of their own.

Encourage a little one that you know to become an artist! Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

pub date: October 27, 2020

Be inspired: Great Pilgrimage Sites of Europe

by Derry Brabbs

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This gorgeously photographed title provides readers with a fantastic opportunity for arm chair travel. Visit pilgrimage sites throughout Europe. Religious locations are featured from Britain, France, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Finland and Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Italy, and Spain and Portugal. Enjoy revisiting places that may be familiar while also traveling to those that are new. Will you be inspired to take a pilgrimage of your own (post covid)?

Note: I very much enjoyed looking at the photos in this title. However, some of the text was not in English. I so wish that it was!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.