New Cormoran Strike Book 6 Announced: The Ink Black Heart – Great British Book Club

Fans of JK Rowling’s Cormoran Strike series (written as Robert Galbraith) have been re-reading the series and eagerly awaiting news of the latest book in the
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Get out your pencil: Quizzes for Rebel Girls

by Rebel Girls

#QuizzesforRebelGirls #NetGalley

I have read, reviewed and recommended many titles in the Rebel Girls series and this book is another welcome addition to their collection. This time, readers will not find stories of well known women and girls, but rather, will learn more about themselves through quizzes. Some of these include

Gutsy Globe-Trotter or Hometown Hero?

Are You a Morning Glory or a Night Owl?

Team Player or Solo Star?

What Pet Should You Get?

and many more.

This book would make a great summer project and the knowledge earned may well help its readers. Girls can also quiz those around them and see how well they can predict their answers. All in all, I like this brightly illustrated book.

Many thanks to Rebel Girls and NetGalley for this title. all opinions are my own.

Pub Date 09 Aug 2022

Planning a museum visit? The 12-Hour Art Expert

Everything You Need to Know about Art in a Dozen Masterpieces

by Noah Charney

This title offers a concise (about 176 page) guide to art history and related topics. Much is included here in chapters organized by everything from “Is it Even Art?,” to “The isms Cheat Sheet in Thirty Paintings,” to “The Complete(ish) History of Sculpture,” and more, including sections on topics like conservation. The text is accompanied by many artworks. A wide variety and range of genres, time periods and cultures are represented in these pages. I have taken a number of art history classes and still found many, many works unknown to me and much to learn.

Readers are in excellent hands with Noah Charney as instructor and guide. Those wanting a better knowledge of art written by someone who believes that art is for all, will want to take a look at this title.

One suggestion, there are more mentioned art works than illustrations, so know that you can look a painting up via the internet in order to see it.

#The12HourArtExpert #NetGalley

Many thanks to NetGalley and Rowan & Littlefield Publishers for this title. All opinions are my own.

Pub date: 15 July 2022

Elly Griffiths on Lockdown, Locked Room Mysteries, and Pandemic Fiction — CrimeReads

The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 is thought to have killed over 50 million people worldwide. Yet, while the First World War provides the background for countless novels, the pandemic features in very few contemporary fictional accounts. Even modern writers tend to skate over this devastating episode. In Downton Abbey, Spanish Flu seems to last…

Elly Griffiths on Lockdown, Locked Room Mysteries, and Pandemic Fiction — CrimeReads


A peep-through book

by Mike Henson

#Colors #NetGalley

This book provides a cute addition to the titles out there that introduce children to colors. It has peep holes which I could not use in an e galley. They look to make this title even more fun. Watch the painting. How colorful. Learn some color names along the way. Enjoy this title with a baby or toddler.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Quarto-Frances Lincoln Children’s Books for this title. All opinions are my own.

Pub date: 02 Aug 2022

What are the: Grounds for Murder

A Coffee Lover’s Mystery

by Tara Lush

#GroundsforMurder #NetGalley

Grounds for Murder is the first entry in a series that now comprises three titles. Here readers are introduced to Florida, cafe owner Lana Lewis. She has taken over her mother’s business. Lana’s best barista, Fabrizio leaves right before a big competition, the Sunshine State Barista Championship. When he meets a bad end, the story is set up. There are loads of suspects as Fabrizio managed to antagonize or disappoint many.

Here, readers will find a Florida setting, some quirky characters, said murder and, of course, a good looking detective. While readers know that all will work out, there being other entries in the series, it is fun to watch Lana as she makes her way through the case.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for this title. All opinions are my own.

Pub Date 08 Dec 2020


Praise for Grounds for Murder:
“Lana’s voyage of self-discovery, along with her new agey father, quirky hire Erica, and feisty puppy Stanley, portend future fun for readers.”
—Publishers Weekly

“A good read for a chilly weekend indoors.” 
—New York Journal of Books

“A treat for all the senses…All’s well that ends well, leaving a faithful audience of Coffee Mystery fans awaiting the next installment title with great anticipation.”
—Midwest Book Review

“Grounds for Murder is a must for every cozy mystery fan to have on their shelves…a charming and addicting blend of humor and mystery.”
—Seattle Book Review

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I just visited an exhibit that was celebrating 100 years since Ulysses was published by James Joyce. This is a book above that is about Joyce’s wife. I also note that The Paris Bookseller is a book about Joyce and also The Joyce Girl which is about his daughter. These are also reviewed on my site. These stories should all help us to celebrate 100 years since Ulysses whether able to go to the exhibit or not