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The Minotaur Sampler, Volume 2

New Books to Make Your Heart Race

by Brian Klingborg; Ashley Weaver; Ragnar Jonasson; Mary Dixie Carter; Joanna Schaffhausen

Minotaur, a division of St. Martin’s Press, consistently publishes excellent mysteries. Gathered here are generous samples of new books by Mary Dixie Carter, Ragnar Jonasson, Joanna Schaffhausen, Ashley Weaver and Brian Klingborg.
The domestic suspense novel by Mary Dixie Carter is her first. Brian Klingborg takes readers to China. Jonasson, Schaffhausen and Weaver have each written a number of books. Here, Weaver starts a new WWII set series. Schaffhausen’s protagonist is involved with a cold case while Jonasson sets his stories in cold places.
Take a look. Readers are sure to find a good read here.
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Get this book for someone you know! The Girl’s Guide to Building a Fort by Jenny Fieri

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Pub date: 04 May 21

This is a book that will encourage young girls to think, explore, have friendships and be independent. What more can we hope for as a gift to the girls that we know? This title is broken down into a number of Let’s Be sections including scientists, trailblazers, athletes, artists, builders and chefs. It seems like a collection of all the best sorts of girl scout badge activities with each section including a wide variety of ideas. I so wish that someone had given me this title when I was young! But wait…I can still try some of these things out and you can too.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this nicely illustrated book. All opinions are my own.

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Under Discussion

The Encyclopedic Museum

by Donatien Grau (editor)

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A few years ago, I took an art history class and learned what an encyclopedic museum was. It is generally a large institution that has the goal of covering much art, everything from the ancient Egyptians through the most modern of modern art. There are those who love these large institutions and others who have offered critiques. This book looks at a variety of opinions on this topic. It is divided into sections on the Origins and Practice of Encyclopedic Museums; Encyclopedic Museums Around The Globe; and Methodologies and Potentials of the Encyclopedic Museum.

Those interviewed in the book include Grayson Perry, Thomas Campbell, Max Hollein and Kwame Anthony Appiah among others. Thus a wide range of views are included.

This book should be of interest to art historians, educators and museum goers.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

Where did they go? The Lost Village

A Novel

by Camilla Sten

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This novel follows documentary film maker Alice as she investigates a mystery with ties to her own past. How did nine hundred (!) people disappear leaving only two vulnerable survivors? What will be uncovered in a search for the truth? What will happen if there is no going back?

This is author Camilla Sten’s first novel to be translated into English. She is the daughter of Viveca Sten, according to something that I saw. I have enjoyed Viveca Sten’s Sandham mysteries a great deal. This novel by Camila Sten was not in my usual genre as it is horror related. That makes it a bit difficult for me to evaluate. I would say that I do not really enjoy horror. However, if you are a fan of mysterious disappearances and can take in some horror, give this one a look.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

An e book bargain for 4.14.21

Trouble and a Storm: Death on Tuckernuck by Francine Mathews

by joycesmysteryandfictionbookreviews

Francine Matthews is the talented author of two mystery series.  As Ms. Matthews, she writes the Merry Folger series and, as Stephanie Barron, she pens a series with Jane Austen as the protagonist.  I have always preferred the Nantucket based series.

I had not read a book by this author for a number of years but the return was satisfying and easy.  I remembered the characters, loved the settings and expected a good mystery.  The author did not disappoint.

Throughout this novel, weather was a main character.  There was a huge hurricane  striking the island.  As someone who has been at home for weeks, the awesomeness of Mother Nature really struck me.

Tuckernuck, the island named in the title of this book, is off the coast of Nantucket.  It is a real place that sounds very beautiful.  Much of the action of the novel takes place here.

I don’t want to give any spoilers but suffice it to say that there are murders that need to be solved.  Readers may think, early on, that they have figured everything out and may even think of putting the book down…Don’t. There are sufficient complications to keep you turning the pages.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.  I enjoyed spending time with this series, an old favorite, again.

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An e book for 4.14.21

Will she find it? Miss Benson’s Beetle A Novel by Rachel Joyce

by joycesmysteryandfictionbookreviews

Miss Benson’s Beetle is by the author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, a book that I very much enjoyed.  So, I was excited to receive this e galley from the publisher.  The book does not disappoint.

As has been true in her other novels, Rachel Joyce is a mistress of creating quirky characters for whom readers will care.  The beginning of the novel introduces Miss Benson.  What teacher will not identify with her ‘losing it,’ even if they might not take the actions that she does?

From this unlikely beginning Miss Benson goes on the quest of her lifetime, to the New Caledonia, in search of a rare golden beetle.  Readers learn what led to this obsession and of the tragedies in Miss Benson’s past.  Accompanying Miss Benson is the irrepressible Enid Pretty who has her own back story.  There is also another less savory and wounded character whom Miss Benson did not hire when she met him.

This is a story about doing what one dreams of in life.  It is about embarking on a journey without knowing how it will end.  Isn’t this a universal of going on journeys and taking risks?  Readers will become attached to the story and character and will immerse themselves in Miss Benson’s world.

This is a novel that has both humor and heart.  I highly recommend it.

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Shakespeare’s Gardens

by Jackie Bennett

#ShakespearesGardens #NetGalley

Pub Date 11 May 2021  

Shakespeare’s Gardens is such a visually appealing book! I loved the many photos and their evocation of places and other times. I also like that this title examines different places in Shakespeare’s life, not just the well known Anne Hathaway’s cottage. There are chapters on Tudor Gardens, Shakespeare’s birth place, Mary Arden’s farm, Hall Croft and more in addition to the home of Anne. There is a lot to learn in a book that seems like a nice accompaniment for fans of Hamnet, among others.

The author points out that Shakespeare not only lived during exciting historical times but also in a time of richness for gardens with imports from Peru, Mexico and Asia, for example. The appearance in Shakespeare’s plays of common garden elements and the flowers of his time is also noted in the helpful introduction. The book goes on to be very informative and interesting. I recommend it.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.