Peter Diamond is a gem

Product DetailsI have read all of the Peter Diamond mysteries.  I was first attracted to them because of their Bath, England setting.  Having lived in Bath, I was excited to visit fictionally.  The books do not disappoint if you like traditional mysteries leavened with some humor.  In this forthcoming entry, a body is found and questions arise as to whether the victim was Beau Nash, a famous historical figure.  This is a fun and intriguing mystery with well developed characters and an interesting plot.  Put it on your winter TBR list.

Enjoy getting to know this family

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The novels in the Seven Sisters’ series are the first books that I have read by this author, although she has written other books before embarking on this series.  If you are able to suspend some disbelief around the formation of the family and how each sister could be connected to an historical person and time, these interlocking novels are a fun read.  Pa Salt has died (or has he?) leaving behind the six daughters whom he adopted.  There is a mysterious seventh daughter as well.  Each of Pa’s children is given clues to their biological family and, of course, each pursues her past.  The Seven Sisters takes the reader to Rio; The Storm Sister to Norway and The Shadow Sister to England.  The fourth book The Pearl Sister is to be released early next year, although it is out in the UK.  I plan to purchase it as sadly I was not approved to read this by my wonderful NetGalley.  The books are long but in a good way; the reader can relax and watch the stories unfold.  Not recommended for those who prefer literary fiction but otherwise, travel, find romance and be exposed to a bit of history with these siblings.  There will be several more novels forthcoming before all is revealed!

Houses worth visiting

Love happens in all places, at all times and, hopefully, for all people. Each person’s story includes joy, heartache and changes over time.
Amy Bloom’s novel is both universal and specific regarding relationships, as she writes about Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok, largely from Lorena’s point of view. Their coming together and moving apart is richly imagined as is the era in U.S. history. With appearances by FDR, Missy LeHand and others, historical personages are shown with both their strengths and flaws. This novel evoked many feelings. Definitely a book worth reading.

Spend time with the members of this society

This is the first book that I have read by Ellery Adams and I truly enjoyed it. The protagonist, Nora, is a bookseller who believes that there is a book that is just right for each customer’s particular emotional state; the notion that one could get meaningful suggestions from a bookseller was lovely in this day of internet sales. I enjoyed the many literary references and the back stories of the protagonists. There are also hints of romance. If you like cozies, I would recommend this book highly.

Count on spending some time with Ada Lovelace

I have read Jennifer Chiavarini’s quilting novels and enjoyed them all. Of her historical novels, I have read Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival and found the story to be quite interesting. So…I was truly looking forward to reading this book. I found the history to be fascinating. While I knew something about Byron’s relationship with his cousin, I knew less about his marriage. I knew almost nothing about Ada and her complex relationship with her mother. Reading about her life was compelling. I would rate this book more highly except that I wished the narration had been a bit livelier.

Make time for this book

Product DetailsJacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs series goes from strength to strength.  The first books took place during WWI while, in this latest entry WWII, has just been declared.  Maisie continues to be a fascinating character; she is highly intuitive and compassionate.  In this novel, Maisie investigates the deaths of several victims who were refugees from Belgium.  Learn what connects them and also read this book for the beginning of Maisie’s relationship with a young war evacuee.  I always love catching up with this series’ regulars including Maisies’s father, Frankie; stepmother, Brenda; along with Priscilla, Lady Rowan, Billiy and Sandra.  A highly (!) recommended read.

A felicitous and truly awesome (I mean it) book of poems

I absolutely adore this book which is filled with the richness of love,  relationships and nature.  There is  an abiding spiritual sense flowing through these poems which are deep but accessible.   A few of my favorites are Don’t Worry, Moments, I Wake Close to Morning, Whistling Swans and Everything That Was Broken.  But…dig in anywhere.  You will be so very glad that you did!

Train your eyes on this title

Product DetailsI read this book a year or so ago but have been thinking about it again for two reasons; first, in England, they are making a television series with the author as she trains her second hawk and the other reason is that I have been thinking about how we mourn and acknowledge deaths of those we love.  This book has so much in it; there is biography, the training of the hawk and a great deal about T H White who had a very difficult time with his own hawk.  T H White wrote one of my all time favorite books, The Once and Future King, so I was fascinated to learn more about him.  Sadly, he had a rather tragic life.  This book is highly recommended for nature lovers, lovers of T H White and those looking for a meaningful memoir.