Summer School (Forster, Woolf, Hurston and Fitzgerald)

Their Eyes Were Watching God: A NovelA Room with a View (Dover Thrift Editions)Mrs. DallowayThe Great GatsbyI am very excited to have started a five-week summer class on the “modern” novel.  I have read all of these books before but am looking forward to re-reading and discussing them.  How do all of you feel about re-reading?  I think that each time I read a book I get something different from it. Do you?

We have started with A Room With A View; this book is a perfect summer read for the armchair traveler who gets to spend time in both Italy and the English countryside.  Forster is witty but also has something to say.  What does it mean to want  A Room With A View?  How can the young protagonist, Lucy Honeychurch, open her world and grow and is this a worthwhile quest?  What does it mean to begin to trust one’s own perceptions and to perhaps step away from society’s dictates?  Of amusing note are the character’s names which seem to reflect personality traits; there is Miss Bartlett who is kind of like a hothouse pear, the Emersons who are philosophical like Ralsph Waldo, Miss Lavish who indulges herself, etc.  If you have not read this novel, I definitely recommend it.    Next for the class will be Mrs. Dalloway….I will write more soon.

3 thoughts on “Summer School (Forster, Woolf, Hurston and Fitzgerald)

  1. I’ve been meaning to read A Room With a View, but every time I watch any movie adaptation, I really dislike the story…ah, well…I really should still read it! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on your summer class!

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    1. The book very much feels like a product of its time. We are reading it because it was a novel that spanned the time period before and after the “Modern” novel, being an early modern novel. It is funny in places and class discussions have been interesting. It is a story of a young girl who needs to decide how conventional and expected a life she wants to lead. Let me know if you give it a try.
      By the way, the book that I am most looking forward to discussing is Mrs. Dalloway. I found it to be incredibly complex when I read it in the past.
      The advantage of classes for me is that I read “better” books than I might when left to my own devices. Mysteries anyone???

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