E-book bargains (Stratford and Marchetta)

Radio Girls by [Stratford, Sarah-Jane]I read this book when it was first published and enjoyed it very much. This is an historical novel that is set  soon after WW I.  It takes place (obviously) before there was TV and when radio was a great source of news and entertainment and when the BBC was new.  There is a mix of historical and fictional personages in the novel.  John Reith and Hilda Matheson who played prominent roles at the station are featured.  The story moves along nicely with some suspense (having to do with a conspiracy) and this is an all around good read.

A blurb: “A bright, appealing novel about the early days of the BBC and the women behind its brilliant programming….[The] depiction of female friendship and support is one of the great strengths of Stratford’s novel, which so capably describes its characters’ thirst for knowledge, for information of all kinds. An intoxicating look inside a world of innovative new media.”—Kirkus Reviews

Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil by [Marchetta, Melina]I adored this book and, after finishing it, I wanted everyone I know to read it.  It is a thriller but at its heart it is the story of a father’s love for his daughter.  Along the way, issues of prejudice are also addressed.  The book deals with the aftermath of a bombing which is not my usual book type but this was well worth the exception. I give few books five stars but, to me, this one deserves every one of them.

Some blurbs to back me up:

“When you spend roughly 400 pages with characters and it still doesn’t feel like enough you know you’ve read a great book. Actually, an excellent book. [It] expertly slices out every human emotion. I can only hope I will get to meet these characters again in a future book.”―Jamie Canaves, BookRiot

“Marchetta’s stunning adult debut….Emotionally complex characters complement an intricate plot rife with dizzying twists and devastating reveals. This visceral read manages to capture the emotional aftermath of a mass tragedy while sustaining tension and delivering a scathing indictment of racial profiling, vigilante justice, and the 24-hour news cycle.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Along with its wellrounded and likable characters, this is more than a crime story; it’s jam-packed with family drama and heartbreak. Highly recommended for suspense and mystery fans.”
Kristen Calvert, Library Journal (starred review)

Let me know what you think if you read this one.


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