For Bibliophiles (Johnson)

Whenever I travel, be it near or far, I always look for the local bookshops where I love to browse and buy. Shakespeare and Co. in Paris, Daunt Books in London, Politics and Prose in DC…you get the idea. So, you can imagine that I might find this book appealing and indeed I do. “Book Towns” is a book about towns like Hay on Wye where there are many bookshops and book festivals. I learned that many book towns began in order to improve local economies. In this book, many such towns are visited. The armchair traveler can spend time in France, England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Finland, the U.S., South Africa, etc. Plus, if you are planning a trip to one of the towns mentioned, you will know just where to go. The photographs made me long to be in each and every town and store. I highly recommend this book for all bibliophiles. Thanks to NetGalley and Quarto.

#BookTowns #NetGalley

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