E-book bargains (McLain and Massey)

Love and Ruin: A NovelCurrently on sale for $2.99.  I previously blogged on this book and am attaching the review below:

Much has been written about Ernest Hemingway and his wives but no-one writes about them better than Paula McLain, whose new novel is about Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn. I thought that this author’s debut novel, The Paris Wife, was a wonderful book; it told the story of the young Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley. The author beautifully captured Hadley’s voice. When I started Love and Ruin, I wondered if Ms. McLain would be able to again capture the essence of an historical character…she does!
Martha Gellhorn and Hemingway initially meet in Florida. They become closer when traveling to Spain during the Civil War, a war which is hearbreakingly portrayed in the novel. Hemingway and Gellhorn travel together to Cuba, Florida, Europe during WWII, Utah, etc. with each locale coming alive. World events unfurl in their presence.
This is also the story of a relationship; what is it like to be in the orbit of a truly charismatic person? Is that enough? How does one maintain a sense of identity? Gellhorn, a writer and reporter of merit, struggles as a relationship of equals becomes less so. There is love and yes, ruin, in the coming together and apart of these two historical personages. The reader is a witness to the joys and struggles of this couple.
I highly recommend Love and Ruin. It is one of the finest historical novels that I have read. Thanks for this one NetGalley! It was special.

The Salaryman's Wife (Rei Shimura Mysteries Book 1)On sale for $1.99.

I have read and enjoyed every book in Sujata Massey’s Rei Shimura series. I wish that the author would write more novels about Rei.  However, Ms. Massey is currently writing another series that is based in India. The first in that series is The Widows of Malabar Hill.  But..back to this Japanese series.   Each novel is an excellent mystery with recurring characters, a bit of romance and information about Japanese life.  For instance, this one is about the lives of the wives of Japanese businessmen; other novels have had information about manga, flower arranging, etc. These themes are seamlessly intertwined with the stories.  This series is highly recommended!

“Sujata Massey blasts her way into fiction with “The Salaryman’s Wife, ” a cross-cultural mystery of manners with a decidedly sexy edge.”– Janet Evanonich”A witty, perceptive take on how contemporary society clashed with traditional culture in modern Japan.”– Laura John Rowland”This book is a magic carpet to the Japanese Alps, and serves up murder as well. Great reading!”– Barbara D’Amato”A terrific debut, crafted with surprising twists and turns, and steeped in the flavor of contemporary Japan.”– Jonnie Jacobs

About the Author

Sujata Massey was a reporter for the Baltimore Evening Sun and spent several years in Japan teaching English and studying Japanese. She is the author of The Salaryman’s Wife, Zen Attitude, The Flower Master, The Floating Girl, The Bride’s Kimono, The Samurai’s Daughter, The Pearl Diver, and The Typhoon Lover. She lives in Minneapolis.

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