A Monthly Recap for July 2018 (Children’s Books)

white teddy bear reading book

Oh, to be a child again in a world with so many wonderful reads.  Recaps below.

National Parks of the USA-Cheerfully illustrated and full of facts.

The Know Nonsense Guide to Space-A great introduction for future astronomers and astronauts.

Surfer Dude=A lovely, touching book about a Chincogeague pony.

Anna at the Art Museum-For adults and children who may not have been enthusiastic at the prospect of a visit.

Fantastic Failures-From all walks of life, those who learned form their experiences.

Little People, Big DreamsJosephine Baker-One of my favorite children’s series.  Another good entry.

I Like Art-Realism-A quick and factual introduction to the art movement with good reproductions.

10 Reasons to Love a Penguin-As if you needed them?  Cute and appealing.

The Night Dragon-A lovely bedtime story that is beautifully illustrated.

The Bossy Pirate-One to help children learn to share.

Joy-Wonderful illustrations about a young girl and her grandmother.

Music Legends-An appealing look at great artists that is full of fun facts.

Greek Gods and Heroes-As above but about gods.

Good Morning Neighbor-A lovely read aloud for young children.  I liked the repetition and the illustrations.

Time for Bed, Miyuki-A fantastical bedtime story with gorgeous artwork.

Who Made This Mess?-A book to gently teach children to look after their stuff.

See the blog archive for the full reviews.  Thanks for reading!


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