Almost good-bye to Jimmy Perez: Cold Earth by Ann Cleeves

Cold Earth: A Shetland Mystery (Shetland Island Mysteries)Cold Earth (Shetland)Here are the American and British covers of the penultimate book in one of my very favorite series, the Jimmy Perez novels by Ann Cleeves.  I am so sad to know that the next book, Wild Fire, will be the final one.  In Cold Earth,  a mysterious woman is, yes, mysteriously murdered on the island.  She is discovered following a landslide and the funeral of a character from the first book, Black Raven.  Who was she?  What are her connections to Shetland and the people there? Who wanted her dead?  The plotting is intricate and the story is involving.  Jimmy and Willow, an investigator from off-island meet up again and the reader becomes involved in their relationship.  There are romantic developments for the under confident Sandy as well.  This book is definitely one to be savored.  If you have not read this series, do so.  The characters grow and develop and the reader cares  about them.  The books in order are:

  • Raven Black (2006); Gold Dagger Award.
  • White Nights (2008)
  • Red Bones (2009)
  • Blue Lightning (2010)
  • Dead Water (2013)
  • Thin Air (2014)
  • Too Good To Be True (2016, novella)
  • Cold Earth (2016)

Praise for Cold Earth:

“The stark Shetland landscape provides an atmospheric backdrop for Cleeves’s complex, relatable characters, especially Perez, a kind man dealing with his own tragic past.”―Publishers Weekly

“The Shetland Islands provide a stunningly atmospheric setting for the complicated hero [Perez]’s latest procedural, a challenge he meets with determination and more than a little angst.”―Kirkus Reviews

“Plenty of suspects on a remote Scottish island mixed with the high quality of Cleeves’s prose make this a solidly plotted whodunit for procedural and traditional mystery readers.”―Library Journal

If you are lucky enough not to know these books, there is a treat in store for you!

3 thoughts on “Almost good-bye to Jimmy Perez: Cold Earth by Ann Cleeves

  1. I find it very interesting to look at different covers of the same book. It’s fascinating how unique each cover can portray the book as. This looks like an interesting series. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!


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