How I Love Julia Keller!! Bone on Bone.

From the book: “Bone on bone. It’s like the very core of us, the essence, is rubbing up next to the people who matter most. Who are as close to us as our own bones. And sometimes that can be painful. Painful and wonderful, both.” This truth is carefully explored in Julia Keller’s newest novel.

Each book in Julia Keller’s Bell Elkins series is “painful” yet “wonderful” to read. The recurring characters in the series have lives that have been filled with tragedies and difficulties, yet they persevere and try to do their best. In this latest entry, the writer delves more deeply into Bell’s story and also that of a deputy, Jake. It would include spoilers to say more but readers of the series will be interested to see what has happened and how they are coping.

The Bell Elkins books are definitely best read in order. The setting is West Virginia where drugs have ravaged the population. The stories are dark but with genuine humanity in them as well. In Bone on Bone, the effects of drugs on some of the more well off citizens are at the heart of the story. Yes, this is a mystery and there is murder but the worst offender is not the murderer but the easily available illicit substances. There are characters who wish the world was different and who long for lives in which they have more control. All are movingly portrayed.

I often love to escape when I read. This book does not provide a happy escape but it is SO worth reading. Thanks NetGalley, the publisher and the author for this brave novel.

#BoneOnBone #NetGalley

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