My exciting new class!

In September, thoughts always turn to school.  We either are going or know someone who is.  We either dread it or are happy about new opportunities.

I am in the happy group.  I just started a course on Children’s Lit.  The first discussions were on fairy tales.  In class this week, we compared three versions of the Little Red Riding Hood story.  There was discussion of time periods, the amount or lack of detail in each version, the underlying (or not) sexuality in the tale and the moral.  If this is a taste of what is to come, I am all in!

The Classic Fairy Tales (Second Edition) (Norton Critical Editions)All of the fairy tales that we will be studying are from this volume.

2 thoughts on “My exciting new class!

  1. I remember studying Little Red Riding Hood in college. I found some of the modern interpretations to be a bit…strange. I understand the obvious moral lesson to not to talk to strangers, but to interpret the red cloak as symbolizing period menstruation and puberty seems a bit of a jump (that’s one of the interpretations I was taught when studying it). I like studying fairytales, I just worry that a lot of literary interpreters try to judge it with more meaning that it actually contains. But I hope you enjoy this class!


    1. We did not talk about the cloak as symbolizing periods. The Perrault version was seen as the most sexual by the professor. The Chinese version was the most crude and the Brothers Grimm gave Little RRH the chance to learn from her experience. Today, I read a version of Beauty and the Beast. Not having read fairy tales for many years, it was so relaxing and enjoyable. The narrator really tells the reader a story.

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