Do you know the Secrets to a Happy Marriage (Kelly)

Secrets of a Happy MarriageSecrets of a Happy MarriageWhich cover do you prefer?  I like the British one (on the right) better.

Cathy Kelly, an Irish author, has a long history of writing engaging women’s fiction.  I was very excited when I read my first Cathy Kelly book, Past Secrets. She has now written more than a dozen novels.

Secrets of a Happy Marriage tells the stories of characters who face losses and must figure out how to regroup and live their lives.  Edward’s wife and Jojo’s mother, Lottie, died.  How do they choose to go on?  What happens to Jojo when infertility is added to the mix?  What about Cari who loses a fiance when he abandons her at the altar?  And then there is Fainne who fled to America when she faced an unexpected pregnancy 40 years ago?  There is also Bess who was left to raise her daughter Amy as a single parent.

All of these characters interact as a party is planned for Edward’s seventieth birthday.  There is one surprise and lots that happens as the characters face their futures.

I enjoyed this novel and will look forward to whatever Ms. Kelly writes next.

Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and Cathy Kelly.

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