Interlocking Lives: One Day in December by Shari Low

Four main characters and a number of their connections feature in this engaging women’s fiction read. The action takes place over the course of one day with sufficient back story to give the novel some depth. The book begins with a character dying in hospital; it will only be at the end of the novel that the reader learns who this is.

As for the characters…Bernadette is married to surgeon, Ken, their union is not a happy one. She, Ken and their two children are one story line. Media obsessed Lila is another; she is involved with Ken and is half sister to the more likeable Caro. Both Caro and Lila’s mothers were married to the same man but they have never met. Cammy wants to marry Lila but gets to know Caro as well. There are others in the novel including Caro’s cousin, Caro and Lila’s parents and an entire French football team! Each chapter follows one of the main characters.

I found this book to be an enjoyable read; one of those novels that is good for a time when you want to relax. There will be another book by this author coming out soon.

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