Will William find himself? The Lost Letters of William Woolf by Cullen

The Lost Letters of William WoolfHere are the British and American covers for this novel; American is on the left and British on the right.  Which do you prefer?

William Woolf has a most intriguing job. He works in the lost letters department of the British post office. Using available resources, William tries to get letters that strayed to their rightful recipients. There are several moving stories in the novel in which William succeeds in this task.

William is married to Clare. They were once very happy but now are struggling. Will they stay together? How deep are the ties that bind them? Can they accept each other?

While they struggle, William becomes involved in his most engaging quest ever. He begins to find letters from the mysterious Winter, addressing her true love. William longs to know who Winter is and his search, along with her letters, form the backbone of the novel.

There were many things that I very much liked in this novel. All of the characters came to life and were well portrayed with their idiosyncrasies, faults and foibles. I loved some of the descriptions of William’s travels, especially Clovelly and Dublin. However, I confess to being a mite disappointed with what is the “big reveal.” Nonetheless, this is an engaging novel and should be a successful debut for the author.

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