A Village Mystery: Dangerous Deceits by Cherith Baldry

Gawaine is urged by his honorary aunt, Christabel, to look into the murder of Father Tom.  Father Tom is a young Anglican priest who was temporarily assigned to the parish.  The villagers hold differing opinions of him, with some disagreeing with his more conservative views such as not allowing divorced people to receive communion, to others who respected him.

There are many parishioners to fill in the roles of suspects.  In addition to Gawaine, detecting is assisted by his friend David.  Reporter Seffy also is close to these two.

In many ways this was a very traditional mystery.  The suspects are all gathered together at the end in an Agatha Christie like way as the murderer is revealed.

I enjoyed this book with one caveat.  The clues to the killer were not really set up fairly as there is a reveal that the reader could not possibly have guessed.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this read.  The opinions are my own.

#DangerousDeceits #NetGalley

A Note From the Publisher

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