Let your young reader give this one a chance: Chance’s Choice (Royce)

#AspcaPawPalsChancesChoice #NetGalley

Do you know a child who loves animals, especially dogs? If yes, this is a wonderful beginning chapter book for them. It is part of the ASPCA kids series.

In this entry, Meg has moved to a new town after many prior moves. She is not happy! Meg decides that she will not unpack and will not make friends since she will only have to leave them. She would love a dog but her parents say no. Again, she is not happy. What happens? Young readers will enjoy finding out as they spend time with Meg, her cousin, Blanca (a child from the neighborhood) and others . They will also find out how Chance, an abandoned pup, becomes a dog with a special talent. Let your young reader find out what he can do.

This story has short chapters, illustrations and paw prints. All of these engage the reader. The book ends with information about a dog who does what Chance does.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this fun chapter book. All opinions are my own.

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