A new look at Harry: Law Made Fun Through Harry Potter’s Adventures 99 Lessons in Law From the Wizarding World For Fans of All Ages by Karen Morris, Bradley S. Carroll

This book, Law Made Fun Through Harry Potter’s Adventures, is very clever. I think that it will be enjoyed by fans of the series as it gives something new to think about and provides an opportunity to re-visit many episodes in the books.

The authors point out that the world of Harry Potter is governed by rules and laws. There are controls in the society as with the Ministry of Magic and the rules of Hogwarts. The authors encourage readers to think about the construct of this world and J. K. Rowling’s cleverness.

The book then goes on to examine different aspects of law. I will just include the first from the book. This chapter examines the law as it applies to adoption, foster care and the treatment of children. This is looked at through what happens to Harry at the Durstleys and to Tom Riddle at an orphanage. The points of law are accurate from what I can see.

This book gives a fun way to learn about law and to enjoy those in Harry’s world.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this book in exchange for an honest review.

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