How do you feel about change? The Year that Changed Everything by Cathy Kelly

The Year that Changed Everything by [Kelly, Cathy]Cathy Kelly is an Irish writer of women’s fiction.  She has written many novels, only some of which are available in the U.S.  In this title, Ms. Kelly tells the story of three women born on the same day; Callie is 50, Sam is 40 and Ginger is 30.  Each is coping with a major change; Callie’s husband has left her (I won’t say why), Sam becomes a mother and Ginger who is overweight and bullied goes through her own transformations.  With fictional license,  the author has the path of these three women cross over the course of the novel.

I think that this author’s strength is describing emotions.  I felt this particularly with Sam who brought back memories of what it was like to be pregnant and to be an overwhelmed, exhausted, scared new parent.  The less strong aspect of this writer is that she creates a story that does not feel fully true to life but, if you like a novel in which characters grow and you can suspend disbelief, this one is an enjoyable read.

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