Help for Stress: Show Your Anxiety Who’s Boss A Three-Step CBT Program to Help You Reduce Anxious Thoughts and Worry by Joel Minden, PhD


The holiday season can be a time of great cheer and joy. For some though, it is a time of year when anxiety reaches its peak. While this book is not about the holidays, it is a very good resource on anxiety in general. The author is a practitioner of CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. He sets out a way to understand and work with anxiety so that it does not rule one’s life. Dr. Minden has a three step plan which includes making “useful predictions, not anxious fictions”, taking action and accepting and redirecting. The author’s hope is that “these approaches will help you move from reactive to proactive, from emotional to logical, from avoidant to active and from judgmental to accepting.” Through keeping a notebook and following the strategies in this book, you may find that you can cope better.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#ShowYourAnxietyWhosBoss #NetGalley

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