Now out: Simplify How to Stay Sane in a World Going Mad by Bob Hillary

The author of this book, Bob Hillary, directly addresses the reader in what feels like a conversation as he makes the case for simplifying and slowing down our lives. He points out that many of the things that were meant to save us time, are taking up so much of our time instead. Think social media, for one. The author observes that all of this has done little to make us happier so, over the course of this book, he suggests ways to change.

The book is divided into parts with the first entitled Simplify; the second, Practices to Help You Simplify Your Life, followed by Being Who We Really Are, then Walk Your Talk. In the part on simplifying, there are, for example, sections of simple food and unteching, among others. Ways to help simplify has sections on topics like meditation, learning to breathe and learning to say no. In the part on who we are, the author’s subsections suggest ways to be happy, be gentle, to know yourself and more. The last section is about making our future.
The author knows whereof he speaks. He has lived “off the grid” and pondered what he has learned. He is eager to share this knowledge with readers.
Note that this book can be read straight through or dipped into anywhere you like.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

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