Now out: A Good Meal Is Hard to Find Storied Recipes from the Deep South (Southern Cookbook, Soul Food Cookbook) by Amy C. Evans; Martha Hall Foose

I adore the old fashioned illustrations that appear throughout this book; I felt nostalgic as I saw Camay soap, Tang and Crisco in the paintings. Amy, the artist, talks in the introduction about her inspiration while Martha, the cook, also adds her take. The book itself is organized with the day in mind, beginning with breakfast and moving through to late night snacks. There are then anytime treats. Yum.

Within this framework, there are intriguingly named recipes. For example, the Morning’s Glories section includes “Ethel’s Overnight Breakfast in Bed (a casserole), and Marge’s Usual Sunrise (a drink) among others. These titles definitely enticed me and kept me browsing through this book.

The recipes are all doable. The presentation is quirky and fun. This title could be a nice addition to a cook’s bookshelf.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#AGoodMealisHardtoFind #NetGalley

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