Recently published: A Delightful Little Book On Aging by Stephanie Raffelock

This book includes many reflections and stories from the author on the subject of aging. I very much like how she embraces this time of life and sees it as a time for growth, exploration and consolidation of a lifetime of experience.

The book is divided into four sections; Grief, Reclamation, Vision and Laughter. In the first section the author supports acknowledging the losses both large and small that come with the aging process. In the next section, she encourages readers to reclaim things that one enjoyed at an earlier life stage; for example, maybe¬† to take up playing the piano or singing in a chorus again. Vision is about using one’s acquired wisdom to fully participate and see life as it unfolds each day. Laughter provides a chance to laugh which is good for us!
If you know someone, including yourself, who would enjoy or benefit from gaining perspective on this life stage, take a look at this title.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#ADelightfulLittleBookOnAging #NetGalley

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