I am so excited: Buzz Books 2020: Fall/Winter by Publishers Lunch

I am always excited when a new edition of Buzz Books is released.  I love seeing what books I will have to look forward to over the coming months.  This edition provides a look at many of the titles that will be released this fall including those by Ken Follet, Marilynne Robinson, Phile Klay, Fredrick Backman,  Elena Ferrante, Nick Hornby and Sue Miller among others.  In addition to listings of titles by well known authors, there is a section on debut authors. Further, there are books that I will love reading for fun listed including new titles by Caz Frear, Robert Galbraith, Anthony Horowitz, Jodi Picoult, Alexander McCall Smith and more. There are also excerpts from some forthcoming titles.

While I read more fiction than non, this Buzz Books also lists many non-fiction titles.  They feature everyone from Michael J. Fox to Elijah Cummins to Megan Rapinoe and more. The non-fiction listings are organized by topic as for example politics, Social Issues, Science and Technology, Biography and more.

Take a look at this title and start to dream about your next reads.

Many thanks to  NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

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