Love Your Body Your body can do amazing things… by Jessica Sanders

This book should be on every child’s bookshelf!  It will help to counter the negative feelings that so many kids seem to grow up with in terms of how their body looks and/or functions.  This title encourages and reminds children to appreciate all that their body can do and to love it exactly how it is.  Highly recommended!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

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Editorial Review

“This is an important book about positive body image and self-affirmation that every young person should read, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The cartoon illustrations, all girls, depict an amazing assortment of body types, and the universal message about accepting every unique and special aspect of every body, in the literal sense, comes through loud and clear. Readers are reminded to celebrate and be thankful for everything their bodies can do, whether they’re playing sports or cuddling little brothers, and not to fret about things they wish their bodies could do. Ten realistic self-care tips are provided in the text and as a poster on the back of the book’s jacket—they include connecting with nature, dressing up and strutting around, and finding a meaningful quote and using it as a mantra. More important, readers are encouraged to seek help from a trusted adult when they feel down about themselves and nothing seems to help. The author is a social worker based in Australia, and she offers a website with support resources ranging from mindfulness activities to lesson plans. The text addresses readers personally, and hopefully audiences just getting used to their bodies will internalize this important message.”  

– Kathleen McBroom, Booklist, Starred Review

From the publisher:

body positivity

body positivity

body positivity

If you are ever finding it hard to love your body, try writing a list of all the great things that your body helps you to do.

Everyone needs to ask for help sometimes—you are not alone.

Show your body love and thanks by practicing self-care. Sometimes you will forget and some days it will feel nearly impossible, and that’s okay. When this happens, just remember to be kind to yourself—speak to yourself like you would your very best friend.

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