Now out: The Mountains Wild A Mystery by Sarah Stewart Taylor

The Mountains Wild is the first book in a new series by this author. It is her first book in many years, although she did have an earlier series that I read. I think that The Mountains Wild is the start of something good! I already am eager to read the next title.
There are many things that I thought were very well done in this book. The settings came to life vividly and authentically. Much of the story takes place in Dublin and its surrounding area; I felt like I was on the streets, at the pubs and in the countryside. The secondary location is on Long Island which is also well portrayed with its beaches and the family’s Irish bar.
The characters were either people that I really wanted to spend time with…or really didn’t, meaning that in each case the author brought them to life. There are families, friends, a priest, suspects all taking their turns in these pages.
As for the plot…protagonist and detective D’Acrcy’s unstable cousin disappeared in Ireland twenty plus years ago. Her disappearance seems tied to a string of murders, including a current case. What happened? Who was responsible? Could it be one of the characters whom I liked? The case, no surprise, will be solved but I did not foresee some of the twists.
I highly recommend this title. If you like mysteries by Tana French, this could be just your cup of tea…or should I say pint?
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. I rate this book most highly

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