A purr-fect guide: What Cats Want An illustrated guide for truly understanding your cat by Dr. Yuki Hattori

This book is written by a top Japanese vet and includes a wealth of information to help owners in understanding their felines.  It comes with charming illustrations as an added bonus.

There are sections on cat biology,  a cat’s well-being, how to speak cat, decoding behavior, living together, making your cat happy and more.  I learned so many things that I did not know, even after having had cats as pets.  For example, did you know that cats don’t have the best eyesight?  Did you know that a slightly damp nose helps them in smelling? I did not. This book will be welcomed by cat folks  who will learn a lot and is highly recommended.

pub date:  October 27, 2020

#WhatCatsWant #NetGalley

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