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A Distant Grave by Sarah Stewart Taylor

by joycesmysteryandfictionbookreviews

Pub Date 22 Jun 2021

A Distant Grave follows on the success of last year’s first in this series, The Mountains Wild. I wish that both books had slightly more engaging titles and covers as they deserve to be picked up and read. I gave a very favorable review to The Mountains Wild. Ideally, it should be read before A Distant Grave as otherwise there are some spoilers at thes beginning of the book. Readers who are fine with that can certainly start with this one though.

Maggie D’Arcy is again straddling two continents; part of this title takes place in North America (on Long Island) and part in Europe (Ireland). There are also sections that take place in Afghanistan. Each locale is fully brought to life.

Familiar characters from the first book abound; these include Maggie’s daughter, Lilly; her uncle, Frank; Irish boyfriend Conor and the many police and legal officers in both places. I enjoyed spending time with all of them.

Maggie’s case centers on the perplexing death of humanitarian aid worker, Gabriel who is murdered in Maggie’s neighborhood. There are many strands to his life and death. Does his demise have to do with his mother’s rebellious and independent nature that led her to be a single mother in conservative Ireland? Does it have to do with who Gabriel’s father was? Why was Gabriel’s Irish lawyer also murdered? What does the case have to do with Gabriel’s time in Afghanistan (if anything)? Are there connections between the murders and some of those with whom Maggie works in New York? What brought Gabriel to New York any way?

Readers can intuit that with all of these questions, finding the answers will make for an involving read. There is the added plus of the fully realized and engaging characters.

I highly recommend this title to those who enjoy mystery and suspense novels. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher! All opinions are my own.

Author: joycesmysteryandfictionbookreviews

I love to read, recommend books and open the world of reading to others. I tutor to ensure that the next generation of readers will know the joys of a good book because their reading skills have improved. I am an avid reader, especially of mysteries and fiction. I believe that two of the world's greatest inventions were the public library and eyeglasses!

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