It dazzles: The Spectacular (by Fiona Davis)

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In her novels, Fiona Davis brings the world of New York City to her readers. I have spent time at the Frick Mansion, the New York Public Library, the Chelsea Hotel and other locations with her as a guide. Each time Ms. David brings the landmark to life, sharing some of its history and mystique. This is exactly what she does in The Spectacular, where readers go to Radio City Music Hall and spend time with the famous Rockettes. As usual, Ms. Davis tells an involving story with not just the intriguing setting, but also good characters and an involving plot.

Readers get to know the members of the Brooks family. The father is a widower with a prosperous business and strong opinions. Judy is the less beautiful daughter, the one who works at her father’s company and seems to mostly do exactly what is expected. For her part, Marion is expected to be and do the same; she is supposed to marry the right sort of young man and he has just proposed to her early in the novel. However, Marion is more like her deceased mother who was artistic. Marion loves to dance and decides to take a chance, auditioning for the Rockettes. This decision to become a Rockette affects Marion’s family relationships. She wants their support but is not sure that she can count on them.

Marion also meets many new people, including Bunny (another dancer) and Peter, a psychiatrist, among others in her new life. Readers not only learn about these people, they also get to witness the grueling rehearsal schedule and indeed spectacular formations of the Rockettes.

At the same time there is a bomber in the city. How will that play at Radio City? What will be the impact on Marion and what role will take on in events?

The novel opens with Marion when she is older. It then goes back and takes readers on her journey. They will watch Marion as she faces real threats and emotional ones, all the while deciding what kind of life she wants for herself.

Here is yet another very good read by the author. Recommended for historical fiction and women’s fiction readers. It is a delight.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Group Dutton for this title. All opinions are my own.

Pub date: June 13 2023

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