Now out: Pretty Little London

I am an Anglophile for sure. So, I was very happy to receive an e arc for this title. It is just packed with good ideas for trips that are not too far away from the well-known city.

This book is divided into three sections, City & Town, Coast, and Countryside. I liked the maps with landmarks that begin each of these. In addition, there are many enticing photographs throughout. Cities and Towns that are featured include York, Bristol, Bath, and Edinburgh, along with many more. Coasts include Margate, Whitstable and a number of others, while find the Countryside in Cliveden House, Beaverbrook Country Estate, Box Hill and again, lots more.

I tested the book by looking up some of the places where I have spent time. I think that the authors did a nice job in describing these places. This gives me trust about the places that I have not visited (but would like to) that are featured here. That having been said, each entry is short so readers may want to explore their key locales with additional resources.

There are also helpful sections called UK Travel Tips, and Photo Tips included here. They are worth a look.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group for this title. All opinions are my own.

Note: I enjoyed this couple’s earlier book, Pretty Little London.

From the Publisher

Pretty Little London: Trips

Divided into Coast, Countryside, City and Town to make it easy to plan the perfect London getaway.

Pretty Little London: TripsPretty Little London: TripsPretty Little London: Trips
Pretty Little London: TripsPretty Little London: TripsPretty Little London: Trips

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