Enjoy spending time with this group! (Adams and Wright)

There are many books being published right now that inspire girls to dream and believe in themselves.  This book is another welcome addition to this much needed genre.  In the introduction, the authors acknowledge that for many years it was a man’s world.  Despite this many young girls became women who achieved great things.  The authors clearly look forward to the trend continuing.

In entries of varying lengths, biographies are presented according to several areas including Leaders and Activists (including everyone from Cleopatra to Shirley Chishom to Indira Gahndi, Rosa Pars and Wangari Maathai to note just a few), Scientists and Inventors (including Mamie Phipps Clark, Nettie Stevens, Ada Lovelance and Rosalind Franklin among others), Artists and Writers (some of whom are Jane Austen, Joan Armarading, Melba Liston and Virginia Woolf) and Athletes and Adventurers (for example, Ida Pfeiffer, Venus Wiliams, Krystyna Skarbek and pirate Anne Bonny).  As the reader can see, there are names that will be familiar along with others that will expand both children and parents’ horizons.

Unabashedly supportive of women, this book deserves to be on the shelves of schools, libraries and homes to remind girls of all they can do and be!

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3 thoughts on “Enjoy spending time with this group! (Adams and Wright)

  1. I have noticed that there’s a lot of amazing books about women of the past, some written for children and some for adults. Though, I will say, I don’t see any for men. I wish someone would start a series where one book looks at famous women in history and the next book looks at famous men. That could be such a cool series!


    1. I agree that there have been loads. One book for boys that I blogged recently was Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different. See below:

      This is a truly wonderful book with engaging illustrations. The author presents brief biographies of men who have done just about anything that you can imagine. From Confucious to Louis Braille, from Daniel Anthony (father of Susan B) to David Attenborough, from Patch Adams to Galileo and more, the list of boys who became men that followed their dreams goes on and on. There are men you have already heard of and men that you will be so pleased to meet. This is genuinely a book that tells young boys that they can do anything they set their minds and hearts to. While this book is written for boys, I believe that girls and adults of all persuasions will relish this testimony to what the human spirit can achieve. Thanks for this book NetGalley. It is sooo good.

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